Dry mixes

Hydrated lime (25kg bag)

Hydrated lime is a white fine-disperse powder obtained by mixing calcium lime with water, contains active calcium oxides and magnesium oxide from 60 to 70%.


  • in construction – as additive in dry mixes, manufacture of dry mortars – plasters, glues, self-leveling floors, putties, masonry and others
  • in agriculture for improvement of quality of soils, as bactericidal means
  • in the chemical industry for the production of calcined soda, calcium carbide, chlorolime, bertolet salt, synthetic rubber, etc.
  • in environmental protection – purification of combustion gases of sulfur oxide, neutralizations of sewage, regulation of parameters of water

Chalk (30kg bag)

Chalk – the mineral product of sedimentary rock which found extensive application in various fields of activity. In the construction sphere use of chalk has wide circulation. It is applied as an additional component to construction mixes, paint and varnish products and spackling materials. And it is also used for creation of mix for tree whitewashing.


It is a clay processed to a powdery state and which is dried up to humidity of 6-8%. It is applied to production of clay mix for producing furnaces and fireplaces. Clay masonry has thin seams, when drying is not painted, does not crack. Fire-resistant material – melting point at 1180 °C, is recommended to use at a temperature up to 800 °C.


Chamotte — the refractory clay burned before loss of plasticity, removal of chemically connected water to a certain degree. Chamotte powder is the integral component as a part of fire-resistant mortar which is used for producing connecting seams creating furnaces and other thermal units. To receive fire-resistant construction mix, it is not obligatory to use expensive synthetic additives at all, it is enough to add chamotte powder as one of components. Fire-resistant material – melting point at 1650°C, is recommended to use at a temperature up to 1400°C.