Cold asphalt

Polymeric cold asphalt is used for high-quality and technological repair of holes, hollows, cracks in a paving, creations of paths, platforms. The special, not having analogs polymeric structure of ASfalt, after laying, remains in the strong summer, is not painted in the winter, maintains the limit shrinkage, expansion and loading caused by tough operation and changes of weather conditions. ASfalt is suitable for almost any firm surface: asphalt, concrete, brick, stone. Continuous traffic flow makes the continuous ramming impact on the repaired site of a covering, forming a rigid, firm patch which “will not fail” over time. Cold asphalt “ASfalt” is environmentally friendly material.


  • It is easy to use – it is not necessary to warm up, it is not necessary to mix. No weather conditions influence sticking of mass of “fast asphalt” to edges of a hole and the basis – either snow, or a rain, or a heat, or cold.
  • No special preparation of a hole and the special equipment is needed – for repair is necessary only the worker-performer and a shovel or the vibrating plate for polymer consolidation. Just place (pour out) polymeric mix in a hole, level and condense. The movement after completion of work can be opened immediately.
  • Repair under any weather conditions, all the year round. Air temperature during the work can be from -26 up to +49, the hole can be dry, filled with water or snow. It is necessary to remove ice in the winter.
  • Convenient packaging – in plastic bags 20 kg.
  • This quantity is enough for repair of holes of 0.3 m2 and 5 cm in depth.