About company

In more than 30 years of work, Ltd. Ilguciems has established itself as a reliable partner in the Latvian market.

Today, Ilguciems is a well-known supplier of building materials and doors from the best manufacturing companies in European countries. Delivery of goods throughout Latvia. We are a team of like-minded people. Our sales team is a high-end professional whose experience warrants qualified service.

By advising clients, we try to find the most rational solution to problems. Customers appreciate our individual approach. The company has a good reputation among both buyers and competitors. We know how to negotiate.

LTD “ILGUCIEMS” official online shop: buvseta.lv


“Iļģuciems” Ltd. partner, who is reliable, for specialized shops of building materials and professional builder’s, who appreciate the timing and competent attitude, as well as reputation of the company.

We offer

Roofing materials
Waterproofing materials
Thermal insulation materials
Building materials


To help competent professionals to build up our country by providing quality products and services based on a long-term relationship and individual approach.