Bitumen primer is a solution of petroleum bitumen in organic solvents with synthetic modifying additives and siccatives. After drying, it forms a hard glossy black coating with high resistance to atmospheric influences. It has a high penetrating power and a short drying time.


  • for the preparation (priming) of surfaces (concrete slab, cement-sand screed, etc.) before laying surfaced and self-adhesive roofing and waterproofing materials

Bitumen primer is recommended to be applied to the surface to be treated with brushes or brushes. With this application, the primer is rubbed into the surface, saturates and binds it, ensuring a strong adhesion of the waterproofing coating to the base.


Mastic consists of oil bitumen modified by artificial polymers, mineral fillers and organic solvent. After drying, material forms highly strong and elastic covering, highly resistant to temperature changes, considerably increasing the service life of the protected surfaces.

Application areas:

  • entire roof waterproofing including details and parapets
  • waterproofing of engineering structures (basements, footings, piles and other building elements buried under ground likely to be in contact with damp environment)
  • weatherproofing and anti-corrosion treatment of metal surfaces including pipelines and car bodies

Mastic should be applied to prepared surface clear of any debris and surplus materials, mastic can be applied by using stiff paint brush, filling knife or by pouring and leveling. Single layer thickness should not exceed 1.5 mm, each subsequent layer must be applied after previous layer is completely dry. It is highly recommended to apply minimum of 2 layers, to achieve durable waterproofing.


Mastic is a waterproofing solution combining elasticity, durability and economy. Material contains polymer additives, mineral fillers and solvents.

Application areas:

  • waterproofing of concrete or wood surfaces
  • protection of engineering structures (basements, piles and other elements of construction)

Mastic should be applied to prepared surfaces clear of any debris and surplus materials, by using stiff paint brush, filling knife or by pouring and leveling.