ОNDULINE PP CLASSIC – bitumen wavy roof sheets produced by French firm Onduline International for more than 50 years. Onduline sheets are manufactured by saturating organic fibres at high pressure and high temperatures with high quality bitumen. The sheets are painted before impregnating with bitumen, so the colour is persistent and stable. Onduline sheets do not contain health-threatening asbestos (such as slate), do not heat or rot, are resistant to chemical effects.

Available colours:

  • red
  • brown
  • green
  • black


  • easily fitted roof covering material, which can also be used to sew the walls
  • protecting buildings from precipitation is a shock-proof, light, flexible and sound absorbing material which preserves its properties also in aggressive environments and is used in climate zones with temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C
  • due to the small weight of the sheets (1 m² weighing ~ 3.5 kg), they are easily transportable
  • thanks to the large useful area of the sheets, one sheet can cover up to 1.6 m² of the roof, the installation of the roof is progressing quickly
  • the material does not require special care and does not corroborate it
  • comfortable with the installation of roofs, as easy to nail and cut with hand-saws
  • all the consumables required (nails with plastic heads of the corresponding colour, ridges, sateces, surfboards)


  • roofs of buildings of any design and significance with a roof inclination above 5°
  • covering round hangars with a radius of 5 to 9 m
  • building wall sewn work
  • old buildings which have partly lost their bearing capacity


  • the manufacturer guarantees watertight integrity for 15 years
  • a lifetime of up to 50 years
  • every customer is provided with complete technical information
  • the material is manufactured according to standards EN534:1996 and LVS EN534:2000, quality is provided in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9002