Floor insulation

Technofloor Standart

TECHNOFLOOR STANDART is a nonflammable, water-repellent thermal and sound insulation slabs of mineral wool based on basalt rocks.

TECHNOFLOOR is used in civil and industrial construction as thermal and sound insulation of floating floors with a cement screed. Excellent sound insulation solution of interfloor overlappings.

Reaction to fire: A1


Length, mm1200
Width, mm600
Thickness (with increments of 10 mm), mm50-200
Point load, N50
Thermal conductivity λD, W/m*K0.037
Compressive strength at 10% deformation, kPa 25
Water vapor transmission, mg/(m*h*Pa)MU1
Density, kg/m3110
Length, mm Width, mmThickness (with increments of 10 mm), mmPoint load, NThermal conductivity λD, W/m*K Compressive strength at 10% deformation, kPa Water vapor transmission, mg/(m*h*Pa) Density, kg/m3